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More than 25% of Americans suffer from sleep disorders, including breathing-related sleep disorders, insomnia and sleep-related movement disorders. Left undiagnosed, sleep disorders can have serious effects on heart rhythms, hormone balances, blood pressure, blood sugar, memory and concentration. 

Symptoms of a sleep disorder may include: excessive snoring, witnessed pauses in breathing while sleeping, excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue, falling asleep easily during the day, problems falling asleep or staying asleep, morning headaches or sore throats, and excessive movement while sleeping.

If you suffer from these symptoms, we recommend you get a referral from your physician to visit our sleep lab. Physician referral is required to schedule an appointment.

The Columbus Community Hospital Sleep Lab offers complete in-lab polysomnographic and in-home sleep testing to diagnose a wide variety of sleep-related disorders.

Our services 

CCH’s Sleep Lab is staffed by registered polysomnography technologists, who are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and are under the medical direction of board-certified sleep physician Kevin Reichmuth, MD, of Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties, LLC.

In our two-bed sleep lab, we are able to monitor various aspects of heart, brain and lung function during sleep, such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns, length of apneic periods, muscular effort and brain waves.

Our sleep lab also includes a variety of services and amenities to make you feel comfortable and more at home, including: 

  • Patient-controlled room temperatures.
  • Adjustable positioning queen-sized beds.
  • Flat-screen televisions.
  • Private bathrooms with showers.
  • Handicapped-accessible accommodations for patients with special needs.
  • Complimentary breakfast and coffee after testing.

CCH’s Sleep Lab staff members maintain flexible schedules to accommodate patients with day shift or night shift work schedules.

If you prefer to do in-home testing, our sleep lab also has easy-to-use, portable recording equipment to provide at-home sleep apnea testing.

Program certification 

AASM Accredited Facility MemberColumbus Community Hospital is an accredited facility member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The AASM accreditation is the gold standard for evaluating sleep medicine services, ensuring that sleep medicine providers are proficient in the areas of testing procedures and policies, patient safety and follow-up, and physician and staff training.

Contact us

If you are a physician wondering if you should refer a patient for treatment, please see our “CCH Sleep Lab: Referring Your Patients” brochure for more information.

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