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Safe at Home

Even when you are well enough to return home after a major medical event, you and your loved ones may be concerned you will experience a medical emergency. Columbus Community Hospital makes it easy for patients to sign up for Safe at Home, which offers medical alert systems that allow you to enjoy life in the comfort of your own home. They also give you the freedom to go anywhere with confidence.

CCH offers on-the-go and in-the-home versions of these systems, which give you access to help 24 hours a day at the touch of a button.

Safe at Home services

Columbus Community Hospital offers a variety of Safe at Home products, including:
  • HomeSafe – A medical alert system, available in landline and wireless versions, that allows you to get help inside and around your home at the push of a button. With this system, you wear a Safe at Home help button as a pendant or wristband, and when you push it, you are quickly connected to Safe at Home’s Response Center for assistance.
  • HomeSafe with AutoAlert Fall Detection – A medical alert system that automatically detects falls in and around your home and quickly gets help for those who have fallen. Its proven fall detection technology is designed to automatically detect true falls, with a low rate of false alarms. More than 300,000 seniors have already relied on AutoAlert to feel safer, making it the most widely adopted and proven fall detection technology in the U.S. today.
  • On-the-Go Mobile – A wireless medical alert system that provides you with 24/7 access to emergency assistance both inside and outside of your home. Its AutoAlert system can automatically detect falls wherever you go. The system uses either Verizon’s or AT&T’s wireless network and state-of-the-art locating technology to identify your location anywhere in the continental United States. To use it, you just need to push a button on your medical alert pendant to be connected to a 24/7 Response Center.

To find out which system works best for you, check out the this brochure that compares the systems, or see our printable printable product informational flyer or the data sheet. When you subscribe to this service through Columbus Community Hospital, you benefit from:

  • Local, personalized service and installation.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • The option of wireless communicators for those who no longer have a traditional landline phone.
  • Monthly monitoring fees starting at just $30.

Contact us

For more information on Safe at Home products or to start subscribing to the service, contact:

Hailey Rathje
Program coordinator

Columbus Community Hospital
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