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The setting you choose for your birthing experience matters, and we have designed our suites to help you feel comfortable. Our labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) private suites have comfortable furnishings and allow you to remain in the same room throughout your stay.

Fetal monitor system

A central fetal monitor system, located at the main nurses' station, allows CCH’s nursing staff to observe several women in labor. Nurses are able to monitor the mother and child’s well-being at all times during the labor process, not only within the room, but at the central station as well. If the doctor needs to be contacted, the system will allow them to view the fetal monitor strip from their office or home.

C-section room

A separate operating room is located within the maternal child health unit, specifically for our patients who need to deliver via a cesarean delivery. In keeping with our philosophy of a family-centered birth experience, CCH invites patients’ significant others to attend the delivery for a cesarean birth.

Baby and family bonding

CCH understands the importance of parents being close to their babies after delivery. Nursing staff members practice mother/baby couplet care. They allow infants to stay with their mother 24 hours a day to help promote breastfeeding, bonding and family-centered care.

Security features

The maternal child health department is a locked area. All babies are given an identification band, and the numbers are matched to the mother's band whenever the baby is brought into the room. Our babies are also given security “beeps” that lock down the unit whenever they are brought close to any exit. If a baby is near a door when it is pushed open, alarms will sound.

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