Columbus Community Hospital

Intensive and acute care units

When you are in the hospital, it’s important that you receive the right level of care for your illness or injury. Columbus Community Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) and acute care unit (ACU) have compassionate, caring staff who are dedicated to working closely with your providers to provide safe, quality care.

The ICU is our critical care unit, where we care for our sickest patients. On this unit, you will be connected to a heart monitor and our highly trained nurses will check on you at least once an hour. The nurses on this unit have received special training in caring for critically ill patients. The ICU also serves as our pediatric unit — our nurses also have the training required to care for children from infants through 12 years old.

In the ICU, there are nine monitored beds with new technology and wireless monitoring capability for all of our patient rooms. The rooms are centered around a mini station that allows nurses to be close to their patients at all times.

Down the hall, we care for our general population of patients on the ACU. You will stay on this unit if you need hospital care, but do not require the same level of monitoring as the ICU. You may need to stay on the ACU if you fall and fracture a hip, or if you have breathing problems because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pneumonia. The ACU has 25 private patient rooms — each with plenty of space for your loved ones to stay close to you during your stay at the hospital.

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