Columbus Community Hospital

Home health program 

Columbus Community Hospital’s home health program offers skilled health services in your home. The program is medically directed and designed for patients of all ages who are recovering from surgery or injury or living with chronic health conditions. It is offered on an intermittent, not continuous, basis.

CCH’s home health program is Medicare- and Medicaid-certified and meets the requirements of The Joint Commission.

Who qualifies for home health?

To be eligible for CCH’s home health services, patients must: 

  • Be homebound.
  • Require skilled intermittent care. 
  • Have been ordered to receive care by a licensed physician who provides a plan of care. 
  • Need at least one of the following: intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speech/language therapy. 
  • Live within the licensed service area. 

Hear what some of our patients have to say about their experience with CCH’s home health: 

"It’s extremely reassuring to know you have a team of specialists there to help 24/7. When I had a medical issue in the middle of the night and needed help, we called the home health nurse line. Half an hour later at 2 in the morning, a nurse was at our house and knew exactly what to do. These ladies are positive and pleasant and true professionals."
– Robert G. 

For more testimonials and information on CCH’s home health program, see our most recent home health and hospice annual report.

Home health services 

CCH’s home health program offers a variety of services, including skilled nursing care, home health aides and occupational, speech and physical therapy. For a more detailed listing of the program’s services, see below: 

    Skilled nursing: 

    • Education, supervision and administration of medications. 
    • Intravenous therapy/TPN. 
    • Treatments (catheter change, sterile dressing changes, wound care, etc.). 
    • Education for patient, family and caretakers on signs and symptoms that indicate a change in condition. 
    • Diabetic management education. 
    • Telemonitoring.
    • Nutritional assessments. 
    • Observation and evaluation of unstable medical and surgical condition, including post-operative assessment. 
    • Wound and ostomy care. 

    Speech therapy:

    • Cognitive skills. 
    • Assistance for patients with swallowing and speech disorders. 
    • Rehabilitation for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis (MS).  
    • Caregiver education and home safety assessment.

    Occupational therapy:

    • Home safety. 
    • Fall prevention. 
    • Wheelchair positioning. 
    • Work simplification/energy conservation. 

    Physical therapy:

    • Fall prevention. 
    • Gait training. 
    • Therapeutic exercise. 
    • Vestibular therapy. 
    • Incontinence therapy. 

    Social work:

    • Counseling and guidance. 
    • Advanced directive assistance. 

    Home health aide:

    • Personal care.
    • Diversional activities.

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