Columbus Community Hospital

Current memorials

One of the ways you can donate to the Columbus Community Hospital Foundation is through memorials.

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To donate to the foundation in memory of someone you love now — please visit Donate now.

Below is a list of memorials received by the Columbus Community Hospital Foundation from Nov. 1, 2023 to Jan. 31, 2024:

In Memory of Blake Anderson
    Chris & Amy Blaser & family

In Memory of Kathe Beauvais
    John Beauvais

In Memory of Helen Chohon
    Gary & Laura Gray

In Memory of Sylvia “Gay” Colfack
    Chris & Amy Blaser

In Memory of Nick Fehringer
    Joe & Bobbi Fehringer

In Memory of Mabel Hinkle
    Darlene Booker

In Memory of Mike Houska
    Chris, Amy, Elizabeth & Liam Blaser

In Memory of William Irby
    Richard Breuer

In Memory of Jerry Jilek
    Imogene Jilek

In Memory of Shirley Koertje
    Chris & Amy Blaser

In Memory of Holly Kolm
    Kris & Jody Evans

In Memory of Marie Korth
    Doug & Janelle Janssen

In Memory of Carol Lemmerman
    Chris & Amy Blaser

In Memory of Germaine Liebig
    Lois Kuta

In Memory of Jolaine Nielsen
    Pat Anderson
    Paula Bacon
    Fred & Renee Bellum
    Janet Curry
    Don & Pat Heimes
    Don & Gayleen Hingst
    William Irby (deceased)
    Bill & Susan Klug
    Ron & Charlotte Lambert
    James & Kathryn Lohr
    John Lohr
    Robert & Kathryn Lohr
    Mary Norton
    Hazel Saalfeld
    Kevin & Amy Schneider
    Dwayne Smith
    Lucille Torczon
    Robert & Shirley Walgren
    John & Linda Whitehead
    Lyle Whitney
In Memory of Della Seda

In Memory of Dorothy Whitmore
    Chris & Amy Blaser

In Memory of Donald Zornes
    Diane Semrad 

In Honor of our parents & all hospice patients
    Rich & Tammy Kush

In Honor of Julie Haney
    Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union

In Honor of Sean Smith
    Bruce Odson