Columbus Community Hospital

Current memorials

One of the ways you can donate to the Columbus Community Hospital Foundation is through memorials.

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Below is a list of memorials received by the Columbus Community Hospital Foundation from Aug. 1 to Oct 31, 2023:

In Memory of Donna Anderson
    Chris & Amy Blaser
    Butch & Duff Christensen

In Memory of William "Bill" Babel
    Rick & Cori Fullner

In Memory of Joseph "Joe" Barbaglia
    Phillip & Sharon Ernst Family

In Memory of Ronald Blaser
    Tim & Michelle Meyer

In Memory of Dale Buhl
   Larry & Kay Cherry

In Memory of Bernice Busteed
    Family & Friends
    John & Traci Bender
    Chris & Amy Blaser
    David & Kimberly Blaser 
    Jeanette Blaser
    Craig & Dorothy Bybee
    Doug & Janelle Janssen
    Lonny & Debbie Linder
    Gregg & Cindy Melliger   
    Jeffrey Mullinix
    Sandra Rech
    Phyllis Robinson
    Kevin & Deb Saalfeld
    Thomas & Kimberly Smith
    Donald & Barbara Snyder
    Richard & Gwen Steiner
    Bennett & Suzi Taylor

In Memory of Dr. Hans Diehl
    Ileana Jarecki

In Memory of David Duran
    Keith & Denise Gilmore

In Memory of Dr. Phillip Ernst
    Sharon Ernst Family

In Memory of Willis "Bill" Ferguson
    Robert & Chris Markham

In Memory of Sharon Herchenbach
    Kris & Jody Evans

In Memory of Steve "Woody" Hoffman
    Family of Steve Hoffman

In Memory of Ronald Howerter
    Chris & Amy Blaser

In Memory of Richard Janing
    Chris & Amy Blaser

In Memory of Arthur & Norma Jordan

In Memory of Monica Lang
    Ileana Jarecki
    Occupational Health Services staff

In Memory of Norma Loveless

In Memory of Jolaine Nielsen
    Pat Anderson
    M. Judd Wagner

In Memory of Anna (Ann) Sand
    Kris & Jody Evans

In Memory of Della Seda
    Jeremy & Karen Carbonneau
    Bob & Kathy McDonald & family
    JoAnn Miller
    Kevin Miller 

In Memory of Delores Sempek
    Delores Sempek Trust

In Memory of Thomas "Tom" Smith
    Floy Boyer

In Memory of Dr. David Walline
    Shauna Czarnick
    Phillip & Sharon Ernst Family 
    Mike & Colette Hansen
    Scott & Michelle Messersmith
    Chad & Lori Van Cleave

In Memory of Diane Yost
    Richard Yost

In Honor of Chaplain Mitch Shemek
    Norma Loveless family