Respiratory Care

Respiratory Therapists at Columbus Community Hospital work with hospitalist, surgeons and cardiologists as well as pulmonologists and primary care physicians in the treatment of pulmonary and cardiac disease.  They make decisions that directly affect their patients’ well being.  Respiratory therapists work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and patient homes.  Their patients range from newborn babies to elderly adults, and from people who help care for themselves to critically ill people.  Respiratory therapists help people with a variety of conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, heart failure, and smoking-related illnesses (emphysema and chronic bronchitis).  They care for premature babies who cannot breathe on their own, people with traumatic injuries requiring mechanical breathing assistance and respond to all “code blue” emergencies.

Our diagnostic lab at Columbus Community Hospital includes a wide variety of non invasive tests from monitoring lung function values, oxygen levels in the blood, accessing brain wave activity, and 24 hour cardiac monitoring.  Our goal is patient and family education about disease processes, drug actions, drug self administration, self monitoring, and use of home oxygen.    

Our staff maintains certification in ACLS, NRP, PALS, and BLS.  We share over 200 years of experience, and have 90% of our staff working as Registered Respiratory Therapists.

The demand for Respiratory Therapists is expected to grow by over 21% through the year 2018, opening many job vacancies nationwide for new and veteran therapists.  Contact us at for information regarding employment.  Or call us at 402-562-3170.