Hospice Services

Hospice is a "concept of care" focusing on maximizing the quality of life individuals in their final stage of life. The program is designed to provide palliative-symptomatic care (comfort) in areas that include: physical, sociological, emotional and spiritual care of both patient and the family.

Hospice was founded on the belief that the person that is in the dying process should be able to receive the greatest degree of comfort and dignity. Hospice focuses on the person and family, not the disease. Its philosophy emphasizes maintaining patients in their own home or place of residence. Care is provided by an interdisciplinary team which consists of the physician, nurse, social worker, therapist, counselor, home health aide, spiritual advisor, volunteer and other health professionals.

Hospice care is appropriate when a person with a terminal illness no longer benefits from medical treatment.  It’s best to talk to your family member’s doctor to determine when hospice care may be appropriate.  The patient and family are encouraged to be involved in the decision-making and the development of the individualized plan of care with their physician and the Hospice staff.

The Hospice staff would be happy to discuss the services that are provided to the patient and family, along with other community resources that are available.  For more information, please contact 402-562-3300.