Community Health Improvement Plan


In March, 2012 Columbus Community Hospital, along with the East Central District Health Department and other agency partners presented to the community the results of our service area’s Comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).  The CHNA served as the foundation for development of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) that would guide Platte County for the next three years. The Platte County CHIP plan will be updated and reviewed on a quarterly basis during the three year duration of the plan.

Community members were invited to the meeting to help set goals for the CHIP, prioritize areas of need, develop an action plan, develop implementation strategies on how we as a community would  plan to meet the highest priority health needs, define resources and strategies that could be used to meet those needs and identify the anticipated impact of the strategy.

The five identified community health needs or priority issues for Platte County and its collaborating partners are:
• Access to Health Care
• Obesity
• Family Support
• Substance Abuse
• Mental Health

The Hospital is taking the lead and working with the East Central District Health Department and other health and business-related agencies to complete and address the needs of our communities.  CCH is committed to providing our expertise and leadership ensuring that the appropriate Human and Capital Resources are available to find viable solutions to the various health and wellness issues.

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