2013 Community Benefit Report

Caring For Our Community

Regardless of an individual’s ability to pay, the health and wellness of our community are key to the Columbus Community Hospital’s mission.  As a not-for-profit hospital, we have established financial aid policies to assist patients who cannot afford care.  Although Medicare and Medicaid programs do not pay enough to cover the cost incurred by these patients, we provide the same quality of care to all patients.

Columbus Community Hospital’s contribution to the community extends beyond our role as an institution of health care.  The Hospital is an economic engine, providing stability and growth in Columbus.  As an employer of over 600 residents, our employees contribute to the economy of the community by purchasing homes, shopping with local merchants and paying taxes to support schools.

Contributing to the quality of life in Columbus goes well beyond the walls of the Hospital.  The data reported here not only includes uncompensated health care costs provided to the underinsured or uninsured, but also community health initiatives, education for health care professionals and the donation of services and funds to help further the Hospital’s mission and goals.

Even in light of healthcare reform and reimbursement challenges, this report captures the heart of Columbus Community Hospital’s enduring commitment to improving the health of our community.  We are pleased to share with you our accomplishments and community contributions from May, 2012 through April, 2013.

Traditional Charity Care $652,251
Healthcare services provided free of charge or at a discounted fee schedule to persons who meet pre-determined financial criteria.  As required for Government reporting, this figure is based on calculated costs, not charges to patients.

Community Health Education and Outreach $88,176
Includes activities carried out to improve community health and healthcare services that are subsidized because they meet an identified need in the community.  Examples include:
• First Steps pre-natal program, baby care and breast feeding classes
• Meals on Wheels – over 11,000 people served by this program
• Tune up for Life Health Fair
• Local business workshops hosted by Occupational Health
• Diabetes education
• Healthy lifestyle programs through registered dietitians
• Volunteer services
• Healthcare support services
• Healthy Families Network – offering educational support and resources to over 340 families
• Free Interpreter Services

Unpaid Costs of Public Programs $3,589,124
Medicare and Medicaid shortfalls, which are deficits created when Columbus Community Hospital receives payments from the government that are less than the cost of care for public programs.

Subsidized Health Services $518,520
These programs generate little or no income and most likely would not exist if not provided by Columbus Community Hospital and the Hospital’s Wellness Program for the medically at risk.

Health Professional Medical Education $18,764
Scholarships and funding for health professionals’ education

Cash and In-Kind Donations $170,158
Community Building Activities

Community sponsorships - Includes cash and in-kind donations to non-profit organizations for charitable purposes.
• American Heart Association
• American Cancer Society
• ALS Walk
• Alzheimer’s Memory Walk
• Columbus Community Garden
• Columbus Youth programs
• Habitat for Humanity
• Loup d’ Loup End Polio Now Bike Ride
• Multiple Sclerosis
• United Way

Dollar figures alone don’t tell the story of Community Benefit.  Every benefit dollar spent represents a human being whose life is better, whose suffering has been prevented or whose health has been restored by the physician’s and staff of Columbus Community Hospital.