If you have questions about the pricing information below, please contact Janice at 402-562-3395 or fax 402-562-3396. Email jcparolek@columbushosp.org
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The services you receive from Columbus Community Hospital are based
on your individual need and medical condition. Actual charges will vary
based on services delivered and medical condition. Your doctor may order
additional tests or services to diagnose, treat or care for your individual
needs that may change the estimate.

Your out-of-pocket expense will depend on your individual insurance
coverage such as deductible or co-insurance. To determine your
estimated out-of-pocket expense, please contact your insurance company
by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

Estimates Effective May 1, 2013.

* Organism ID and Sensitivity Extra
** These tests require contrast and the contrast charge is in addition to the exam. The amount of contrast needed varies by patient age and size.
*** There is a separate charge of $47.10 for CAD (Computer Aided Detection) with either mammogram.
**** Charges for replacement parts can vary widely which is reflected in the total amount charged to the patient. The type and cost of replacement parts varies widely.

These quotes reflect the hospital's charges ONLY. The physician's charge is NOT included. The quotes for procedures performed in the operating room include the professional charge for the administration of anesthesia. Tissue examined by an outside lab may be billed separately. All x-rays are read by a Radiologist and billed through Precision Medical Billing of NE.

Any questions regarding the reading of x-rays can be directed to their attention:

Precision Medical Billing of NE
PO Box 219
Shelton, NE 68876
Phone: 866-477-7013
Fax: 866-902-2445