Shared Governance at Columbus Community Hospital


Own your nursing practice by participating in shared governance at Columbus Community Hospital. Shared governance provides a framework whereby clinical staff and managers can work collaboratively to develop nursing and multi-professional care, and where clinical staff are empowered to lead the decision making process.


Our patients are the focal point of all we do. We believe that nursing is both an art and a science, a dynamic and continually evolving profession.   Columbus Community Hospital nurses and staff embrace lifelong learning.  Our commitment to building a highly skilled professional staff hinges on our ability to identify and attract individuals who are inquisitive, innovative, and have adaptable traits we associate with success.   All departments work collaboratively to ensure high quality patient care in a safe environment for both the patient and staff.

The nursing staff organizes, integrates, and manages the delivery of care through governing councils.

Unit Based Council

Each nursing department has a unit based council.  Every department is represented at the practice, resource and professional development council.  Council members are determined by nominations from peers.  Each unit meets monthly to discuss any questions or concerns relating to their specific department. 

Practice Management Council

The practice management council defines the parameters of clinical practice.  It is the primary decision-making body related to clinical issues within the shared governance framework.  This council is responsible for keeping the CCH nursing profession current with evidence-based practice.

Resource Management Council

The resource management council supports, facilitates, and integrates the resources consumed by the individual departments and makes recommendations to support safe, cost-efficient and quality patient care.  This council helps improve employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment.

Professional Development Council

The professional development council encourages and supports a culture of accountability.  It also promotes optimal professional competency within the organization.   This council collaborates with nursing educators and helps recognize staff for accomplishments in educational growth and certifications.

Shared Leadership Council

The shared leadership council ensures the overall coordination of the activities of the other councils and is accountable for the integration of services and decisions that affect the nursing departments.  This council integrates the CCH mission, vision, and strategic goals into the nursing department plan.

These councils promote and celebrate the positive image of the professional nurse and other patient care areas.  Columbus Community Hospital allows patient care areas the ability to express and manage their own practice with a greater level of autonomy.  Ownership and accountability are placed at the point of service.